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Dave the Laugh: Horn Meister

Extraodinary, eh?


I am me. I do not have a total grasp on reality.I am paranoid. Somewhat claustrophobic.Unsure. Funny. Hallucinator. Mad. DayDreamer. I have an open mind and a just as much open heart. I'm not a square more likeRAINBOWS I hate Barney with a large amount of wasted passion. I have no regrets. It's okay to cry. It's even better to laugh. I am crazy for quotes and un garcons. Shoes and Music. Love and Lust. Smiles and smirks. Vampires and lycanthropes. Not necessarily in that order.
I'm unusual. I'm special. I'm unique. I'm original. I'm used and new. A contradiction all the way through. I'm a snake-hater, sometimes man-hater and definitely all time peace lover.
Romance books make me smile. They make me smirk. They make me drool and swoon and sigh...and that's just the cover. I am a dork and i don't mean a whale's "yous knows whats". As in book loving- glasses wearing- attitude giving (sometimes), type of dork. Some may say i'm a bit bi-polar. Others would agree in a heart-beat. I enjoy finding out random and weird facts and revel in Ripley's. So maybe i do hold a candle for johnny depp. That just means i have good taste. My dreams of someday tracking down his whereabouts (as soon as i'm not dirt-poor) do in no way say something about my mental stability. It's perfectly fine. I have been known to spontaneously combust of too much fangirling. What's your definition of fine? When you're peace-fully laid back on the couch and are watching t.v or when you're running for your life and haven't been caught. Tim Burton sucks and the sky is green. Did you know that the electric chair was invented by a Dentist. Think about that next time you decide to take a field trip to the dentist's office...

Whose side are you on? Edward Cullen or Jacob Black? I think that says a lot about your character. If you can't decide, like moi, then you, mon ami are a lycan. Or rather would you want to be a Were-Hunter. Yes, only a few(?) privileged know of that species. Tights make me pissed off. All that tugging and twisting and agonizing. I don't anymore...wear them, that is. I occupy the same birthday as Kazuki Hihara. Take that! I hate exercising. Thank God i have a high metabolism. I'm not a couch potato. I sit on the floor. My new year's resolution (unbeknownst to me) is to not swear. It degrades the female character. Not that it doesn't the males either, but does moi really care? Non. I'm easily obsessed. Easily distracted. I try not to curse like a beer-bellied trucker. I'm a chronic writer. A shipper. I have more manga boyfriends than you do.I get a little too intense when it comes to loving Johnny Depp. jacob black. Edward Cullen. Jasper. Wolverine. I'm warning you... For that matter, any harem of gorgeous guys from neo-romance...you know who you are boys...

My colour love for Corda boys

Love is a Many Trousered Thing

Woe is Georgia! Georgia Nicolson thought life was hard when her only worry was whether Masimo would choose her over Wet Lindsay. Now that he has, life should be simple, right? Wrong! Suddenly, Robbie the Sex God reappears, back from Kiwi-a-gogo land, and Dave the Laugh starts acting strange.

With three possible boyfriends, a besty friend who only wants to wander through nature with her boyfriend, and a hair dye-wearing father who simply does not understand her, Georgia’s life is once again turned upside down. She is in the cake shop of luuuurve, but will she come out with three cakes—or none?

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I claimed Jack's sexual inuendos The POTC Blog Crew

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Sneer :: Draco Malfoy Fan

Claim Harry Potter Community!
I claimed:::::::::)
Character:Fred Weasley
Objects, Clothes, Body Parts & Things:Draco Malfoy's eyes

"She didn’t want to admit that this was the actual problem. She thought Ron was cute, rather like a new puppy, all eager eyes and bouncy enthusiasm. Cute was not the first word that came to mind when thinking about Draco Malfoy. Manipulative, sneaky, intelligent, intense, evil - gorgeous, sexy, dangerous. No, no, NO! Bad brain! Hermione wanted to hit her traitorous head against a wall. She could see now why it was so appealing to the house elves."

Fanfiction:Pansy's Volcano


panic at the disco,princess diaries,Renji,wallflower,S.V.U marathons,W.E television,anime,family guy,notebooks,keds,remote control,channing tatum,how to deal,Where's Waldo?,strap-less shoes,
cheese,scooby doo,psychological thrillers,markers,violins,the moon... stuff that didn't fit into my Interests. 150 stuff only, Bah Humbag!

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a walk to remember, accents, ace of cakes, adam brody, aliens, angels, art, audrey hepburn/molly ringwald, ballet flats, belly dancing, berries, bi-polar, bishounen, black and white kitties, black cherry vannila cokes, black nail polish, black/green, books, british boys, brunette, buffy the vampire slayer, calligraphy, camouflage, chandelier earrings, chewing gum, chick flicks, chocolate chip cookies, cloud nine, coffee, converse shoes, dark eyeliner, dave the laugh, dead like me, diamonds, diaries, doodling, dorky boys, draco/hermione, drawing, edward scissorhands, eiffel tower, elmo, fairies, fanfiction, fangs, flip-flops, forbidden forest, forbidden love, french, fringes/bangs, georgia nicolson, gilmore girls, glasses, god, graphic tees, green apples, guitars, halos, hazel eyes, henry/vicky, hoodies, i-pod, icons, irony, italian un garcon, jack sparrow, japanese, johnny depp, jokes, journals, kittycats, la corda d'oro, lace, latin, leather boots, legolas, library, lifetime, limericks, lip rings, literati, lollipops, love..., luna lovegood, lust/pride, marilyn monroe, milo ventimiglia, mint chocolate, mood rings, mountain dew, movies, music, nervous breakdowns, non-comformity, ouran high school, perspective, phantom of the opera, pianos, pink, pirates of the carribean, pixies, plastic bracelets, poems, polaroid/digital cameras, polka dots/stripes, ponies, popsicles, pretty in pink, profanity, psychology, purple, quiditch, quotes, ravenclaw, red lipstick, red roses, rock music, romance books, safety pins, sagittarius, sarah silverman, sarcasm, saturdays, scooby gang, seven sins, shaggy hair, shoes, shojo beat magazine, skateboards, skinny jeans, slytherin, smut, snow, sparrabeth, spells, spike, spuffy, strawberry perfume, sun-flowers, sunshine, technology, the black pearl, ties, twilight zone, utopia, vampires, wednesday addams, worn-out jeans, yellow roses, zipper earrings